On the momentous evening of March 30, 2023, the stage was set for an extraordinary chess tournament—the highly anticipated Game of Kings Vol. 3. Organized by Veligera Capital and Enlightened Minds, this prestigious event was tailor-made for entrepreneurs, businessmen, investors, and top managers who share a profound passion for chess and networking.

Imagine an enchanting atmosphere where the clashing of chess pieces harmonizes with the delectable flavors of an exclusive culinary experience. As the evening unfolded, participants relished a delightful dinner, accompanied by carefully crafted drinks, setting the stage for relaxation, enjoyment, and meaningful connections.

But this gathering transcended mere socializing. It was an opportunity to expand your professional network, engage with industry professionals, and participate in informal discussions on the ever-evolving landscape of business and investment.

The Game of Kings beckons, calling you to join the ranks of visionaries and masters. Brace yourself for an experience that transcends the game, embracing the essence of brilliance, passion, and camaraderie.

Stay tuned and prepare for greatness. The Game of Kings awaits you!



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